Wildwood Flower RAdio Hour

Station KXLU has been closed until further notice.

Our live broadcast will be closed during the CoVid 19 Stay at Home Order.   We will update you here about future shows as soon as we have information.  

Please stay healthy.  

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KXLU 88.9 FM      Sundays 10PM to 12 Midnight  PST               KXLU.com

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The Wildwood Flower Radio Hour

The Wildwood Flower Radio Hour features recorded music and guest live performing musicians.  Focused around the rich history of music and oral culture that originated in the southern Appalachian Mountains after Scots-Irish settlers moved into territory inhabited by Native America tribes harboring escaped African slaves and French fugitives from New Orleans, resulting in the mixture of those disparate cultures creating uniquely new American musical art forms that include Bluegrass, Appalachian Folk, Blues and Gospel.




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